AHA Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) with a focus on cardiovascular, brain ischemia and other heart, lung, and blood disorders

Didactic Lecture Series

A program of didactic, interactive and practical experience has been designed to provide the student with an exciting and informative exposure to biomedical science in general and cardiovascular science in specific. At the beginning of the summer research program, the faculty mentor will meet with the student and finalize the research project, based on feedback from the Selection/Steering Committee. Goals for the next four and eight weeks, and for the entire summer will be finalized. During the course of research, the faculty mentor will provide direct feedback as part of guiding the student in his or her research project. This interaction will occur at least bi-weekly. Some research projects will require more frequent interaction with the faculty mentor. All students will participate in the weekly laboratory meetings of each faculty member and will interact with the other members of the faculty’s laboratory including doctoral and post-doctoral fellows.

Additionally, all students will participate in the SURP Lecture-Journal Club Series (see table below). This program consists of a ten-week lecture-journal club series (11 total lectures) specifically tailored to the SURP students. In preparation for each meeting, a relevant research paper selected by the speaker will be distributed, along with the lecture slides (as a Power Point slide deck) to the students.  The students will be placed in the position of (1) leading the question session following the lecture and (2) providing a critique of the paper identifying the hypothesis, how it was tested and considering alternatives and pitfalls. The lectures will be attended by the students, faculty mentors, and members of the Selection/Steering Committee. Topics will cover core knowledge, such as experimental design and laboratory notebook maintenance, statistics, design of clinical research studies, techniques in molecular biology, cardiovascular-centered themes within the AHA mission and specific information on topics of practical use to any science researcher.

Lectures and Practica will be held on Thursdays in Conference Room BST 1295, unless otherwise noted.









June 28

Cynthia St. Hilaire, PhD

ACDC: Rocks in Your Arteries

Stephen Chan, MD, PhD

Toward a Cure for Pulmonary Hypertension

July 12

Sruti Shiva, PhD

Mitochondria in Cardiovascular Disease

Imad al Ghouleh, PhD

Insights into the Heart in Pulmonary Hypertension

July 26

Sean Stocker, PhD

Are we too sympathetic in hypertension?

Paul Petrovich, CPA

Commercializing University Innovations

August 2

Research Symposium

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For your reference, schedules from previous years have been posted here: ARCHIVE

Further Training

The University mandates training in the ethical handling of animals, and ethical research practices with human subjects. A lecture provide by the Office of Technology Management will cover commercialization of innovation. The students will receive training in scientific presentation as part of the SURP experience by giving a 15-minute Power Point presentation at the conclusion of the rotation (see Section 6). Training in scientific writing will come through preparation of their SURP Research Award Application (Section 6) and a required written Research Summary Report to be structured along the lines of a standard scientific research manuscript (abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion sections and references).

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