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Animal Phenotyping Facility

Phenotypic evaluation of animal models of human disease is critical in the understanding of the pathogenesis and the processes involved. A careful examination (always with the organs and tissues from littermate controls) of completely back-crossed genetically altered mice, at different ages, can provide important genetic information as to the role of target proteins in pathophysiology. The Phenotyping Facility offers the service of phenotype characterization of mice both in the public domain and unique non-commercial strains. Since the VMI focuses upon cardiovascular medicine the Phenotyping Facility emphasizes techniques designed to establish differences in cardiovascular response to various stresses. The Phenotyping Facility utilizes a range of in vivo and ex vivo models for inducing cardiovascular stress in transgenic mice and variety of readout techniques to establish animal/tissue/organ response. Techniques employed include:


The staff of the Phenotyping Facility will provide consultation to researchers in the design and interpretation of animal experiments. We will assist in the selection of appropriate animal models and techniques to demonstrate hypotheses. In addition, the Phenotyping Facility will provide investigators with text and editing suggestions for Materials & Methods sections for publications and applications for extramural research funding. The Phenotyping Facility brings investigators working in similar projects and techniques together thus reducing the costs and increasing efficiency.

For more information, contact: Chris O'Donnell, PhD