Vascular Medicine Institute
University of Pittsburgh
BST E1240
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412-383-5853
Fax: 412-648-5980

Funding Opportunities

Pilot Project Program in Hemostasis and Vascular Biology (P3HVB)

The VMI offers up to ten 12-month pilot grants of $25,000 a year in direct costs. The P3HVB is intended to attract investigators new to the general areas of hemostasis and vascular biology by seeding innovative research projects that have the potential to open new avenues for critical research ... READ MORE

Vascular Medicine Institute/Coulter Translational Research Program
Joint Translational Grant Program

The Vascular Medicine Institute (VMI) is pleased to announce a new translational grant program in collaboration with the Coulter TPII Program (Coulter) at the University of Pittsburgh.   In June of 2017, VMI/Coulter will award up two $50,000 grants, aimed at developing the commercial potential of healthcare solutions that are based on innovative technologies in the areas of transfusion medicine, hemostasis and platelet biology, hemophilia, integrative vascular biology, and remedial devices or therapies targeting the vasculature... READ MORE

Innovator Awards

Innovator Awards feature collaborations between VMI and HVI faculty members. The projects represent cutting-edge science and highlight how the synergy between VMI and HVI faculty will open new and exciting areas of research ... READ MORE

VMI Postdoctoral Scholar Award

The VMI Postdoctoral Scholar Award is a 12-month pilot grant of $15k per year in direct costs to provide support for up to 3 HVI/VMI postdoctoral researchers to develop preliminary data for competitive extramural proposals (F or K equivalent). Funds can be used to support research supplies and/or salary. ... READ MORE

Cardiology Fellow Research Grants

Funds of up to $10k per year are available on a competitive basis to fund the projects of cardiology fellows during their period of research training ... READ MORE